vACC Malta details

Code: MALT


Official: false

Introduction message:

We have extensive procedures to make being an Air Traffic Controller an enjoyable and realistic experience. The airspace itself is not complicated and contains Luqa Airport (LMML), Malta’s only international airport, Gozo Heliport (LMMG), a small heliport with no scheduled services, and Lampedusa (LICD), a small airport with only a tower, however it has scheduled flights. Luqa Airport is regularly controlled by our friendly controllers. Malta has a letter of agreement with vACC Italy witch also make the Airspace More complex.

All flights are welcome to Malta, and our controllers will be more than happy to accommodate you and your aircraft. We have a large amount of procedures, for both IFR and VFR flights, which make your arrival or departure as enjoyable, realistic and safe as possible. Charts can be found on our website for both IFR and VFR flights. You can take a VFR tour of Malta in a Piper Cub, or depart for Dubai in a 777, or just do a short hop between Luqa and Lampedusa, and we are sure you will not be disappointed. We are also patterned with many Virtual Airlines, such as vRYR, Virtual Air Malta, Virtual Kulula and many more