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Code: LITH


Official: true

Introduction message:

Lithuania Virtual Air Control Center (Lithuania vACC) is a fully functional unit within VATEUD, responsible for air traffic control within airspace of Lithuania, southermmost of the Baltic states. The country has 4 international airports and over 40 local VATSIM pilots and controllers. The mission of Lithuania VACC is to provide support for local and global VATSIM community in their flights to and across the Baltic states. You can access flight plans, charts, sceneries and a lot of supplementary local information at our web site. Lithuania VACC Forum ( is a place where simming crowds can share their experience, resources and tips related to online flight in Lithuania. Every last Friday of the month, at 1800UTC, Lithuania VACC holds a monthly fly-in event, nickname VILNIUS JAM! Pilots and ATC from around the globe are welcome to support this event by their participation.