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The Virtual Flight Assistance Organization is the Italian emanation of VATSIM, which takes care of the worldwide organization for the assistance and realtime virtual flight control operating on the Internet. This is made possible thanks to two combined free softwares: SquawkBox for pilots, and ASRC for ATCs. An online worldwide server network assures the covering of the whole world to the virtual pilots (mainly using MS FlightSimulator, but also with other simulators). The precise compliance to the protocols, operating rules and norms of the real world assures an absolute sense of realism to the world of the simulated flight. VATITA - VACC Italy organizes, directs and trains many simulated flight and ATC enthusiasts, with constant and complete relationship with worldwide organization VATSIM. VATITA aims to cooperate with all those individuals or organizations interested in a serious development of the simulated flight in Italy and Europe.