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Introduction message:

vACC Bosnia & Herzegovina has a small but very enthusiastic team, with real life aviation knowledge, who provides you with professional ATC service whenever you fly in the airspace of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH). We cover four major airports in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla), each airport having unique geographic location and thrilling surrounding landscape with challenging meteorological conditions. Together with the aid of our neighbouring vACCs Zagreb and Belgrade (who serve the BiH upper airspace), our FIR is fully covered and ready for your flights at almost any time. Our website is equipped with all necessary information regarding your visit to BiH. We encourage you to request ATC upon your visit via our site! Since we are growing, we are open to vacancies, and if you would like to become a member of our very dynamic and expanding vACC, where good friendship and positive energy is so great, we have to share it with the pilots visiting us, get in touch with us asap! Here is just one of the feedbacks we got from a pilot: "I can say you encourage pilots to fly back to B&H by making good friendship and showing good hospitality, and I am also fond of highly dependable and reliable air traffic control capability which is sizeable and flexible in terms of position staffing". Looking good? Then visit BiH asap - you will never regret it!