Explore Iberian Peninsula: last leg LPMA - LEMD details

Madeira and Madrid


Starts: 2018-10-28 15:00:00 UTC; Ends: 2018-10-28 19:00:00 UTC;

Airports: LPMA, LEMD

Organized by: vACC Portugal vACC Spain


VatSpa and vACC Portugal are proud to announce “Explore Iberian Peninsula” event.

This 8-leg event will take you on a round trip of Spain and Portugal, giving you the opportunity of exploring our great countries and airports. There will be something for everyone! Short 30 minute hops or couple hour flights.

The last leg will start October 28th, at 1500z, in Madeira (LPMA), from where we will fly to Madrid (LEMD), which will be staffed until 1900z waiting for your arrival.

More information here.