EKDK C1 CPT details

29 June 18-20z


Starts: 2018-06-29 18:00:00 UTC; Ends: 2018-06-29 20:00:00 UTC;

Airports: EKDK FIR

Organized by: VATSIM Scandinavia


29 June starting at 18z there will be a C1 CPT at Copenhagen Control where Mads Therkildsen is the candidate. VATSIM-Scandinavia hopes that you will support this C1 CPT with either VFR or IFR trffic, fixed wing or rotary wing. It doesn't matter what kind as long as you fly in or out of Danish airspace. 

In addition to Copenhagen being online you can expect the neighbouring FIRs in VATSIM-Scandinavia to be online as well.

We recommend you to have your charts with you and have a look on the briefing page if you are unfamiliar with Kastrup and other airports within Denmark. See you on Friday 29 June!