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Starts: 2018-01-28 16:00:00 UTC; Ends: 2018-01-28 22:00:00 UTC;


Organized by: Czech vACC vACC Germany vACC Switzerland


One night, three approaches, three different countries. This is deltaFlight! One Event - 3 Airports! On Sunday, 28th January from 1600z to 2200z fly between Zurich (LSZH), Prague (LKPR) and Dusseldorf (EDDL) to enjoy this trinational event. With six hours eventtime there is no rush while preparing your aircraft for the next leg and if you join in early, you will certainly see all three airports, enjoy ATC of three different countries and get to navigate your bird through three different approach sectors. Light up the VATSIM Sky and let the trinational deltaFlight roar to life! Routes (selection, find more routes on vroute) LSZH-LKPR: DEGES Z2 XEBIX UN871 NENUM UZ39 DOLUP Z39 GOSEK LKPR-EDDL: BALTU L984 DONAD L602 SOPGA T170 RAPET T843 ARNIX T852 TINSA T854 DOMUX EDDL-LKPR: DODEN Y853 BOMBI UL984 SULUS UZ650 TONSU Z35 LOMKI LKPR-LSZH: BALTU L984 OKG UL984 KULOK UZ715 ANELA UN869 TEDGO T724 RILAX LSZH-EDDL: DEGES Z1 ETAGO DCT HAREM UN851 LOHRE Z850 ADEMI T854 DOMUX EDDL-LSZH: KUMIK Y854 BOMBI T721 RILAX