SQ 7000 Hellas VFR Tour details

SQ 7000 Come and fly VFR every Wednesday & Sunday


Starts: 2017-06-21 17:00:00 UTC; Ends: 2017-06-21 19:00:00 UTC;

Airports: LGRP , LGSR

Organized by: Hellenic vACC


Dear friends,

Among the aircrafts available in our flight simulators there has got to be a single-engine aircraft that we most likely ignore as we prefer a high-tech turbojet or turboprop, and our navigation is therefore facilitated by several computer-based equipment (FMC, GPS, Fly By Wire, etc.)

What would you say if we make a different choice this time by picking up a unique piece only equipped with basics instruments such as airspeed and altitute indicator, DME, VOR and a transponder?

We will fly low VFR and we will visit some of the most beautiful and scenic airports of Greece, enjoying not only the flight up in the sky but also the spectacular view.

So, be prepared and go over the notes you had back in the days when you were still learning how to fly, and set the transponder code to 7000, to fly with us every Wednesday and Sunday at 17:00Z. Our VFR Tour includes 18 different airports and legs. We will start and end in Megara (LGMG), having completed a nearly cyclic route in the Hellenic FIR.

The legs and the dates can be found here SQ7000 VFR Tour 

Don't forget to book your flight here. HvACC Events

You are all more than welcome to join us!