Airport details for: LSGG (Switzerland)


LSGG 200320Z AUTO VRB02KT 7000 -RA FEW048 BKN073 16/15 Q1015 NOSIG

General details

Name (city): Geneva
Country: Switzerland
vACC: vACC Switzerland

Geneva International Airport, formerly known as Genève Cointrin, is an airport serving Geneva, Switzerland. Its northern limit runs along the Swiss-French border and the airport can be accessed from both countries. Passengers on flights to or from France do not have to go through Swiss customs and immigration controls if they remain in the French sector of the airport. It is a major hub for EasyJet Switzerland and Darwin Airline, a lesser hub for Swiss International Air Lines.

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Elevation: 1411 ft.
Transition altitude: 7000 ft.
MSA: 12700 ft.
Latitude: 46.238333
Longitude: 6.109444
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
05 45° 12795ft / 3900 m 1411ft 46.227842 6.093956 110.9 45° 3.0°
23 225° 12795ft / 3900 m 1365ft 46.250361 6.127006 109.9 225° 3.0°