Airport details for: LPPS (Portugal)


LPPS 182200Z 35017KT 9999 FEW015 16/09 Q1023

General details

Name (city): Porto Santo
Country: Portugal
vACC: vACC Portugal

Porto Santo Airport is an airport located 2 km north northwest of Porto Santo on Porto Santo Island, Madeira. It has a 3,000 m × 45 m asphalt/concrete runway, with no ILS equipment as of 2011, but with VOR and NDB approaches available.

The island of Porto Santo was the first of the Madeira Islands to obtain an airport. In 1959, it runway was built with an initial length of 2,000 m. The first aircraft to land at this airport was a TAP Portugal Douglas DC-4, on July 20, 1960. The airport's infrastructure has improved over time, with increases to the runway length and in ramp surface. The last improvements to the airport structure were finalized on August 28, 1995, with the inauguration of a new passenger terminal and a new increase in runway length, which then reached 3,000 m. The runway was also re-paved.

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Elevation: 338 ft.
Transition altitude: 5000 ft.
MSA: 9800 ft.
Latitude: 33.070833
Longitude: -16.349722
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
18 184° 9843ft / 3000 m 338ft 33.086956 -16.350478 - - 3.0°
36 9843ft / 3000 m 238ft 33.059869 -16.349414 - - 3.0°