Airport details for: LGSM (Greece)


LGSM 261320Z 35009KT CAVOK 36/18 Q1008

General details

Name (city): Aristarchos Of Samos
Country: Greece
vACC: Hellenic vACC

Samos International Airport (also known as Aristarchos) (IATA: SMI, ICAO: LGSM) is an airport on Samos Island, Greece.

The airport is named after Aristarchos of Samos, an ancient astronomer and mathematician, and lies within 5 km from the nearby town of Pythagorio. The airport features a single short runway serving both arrivals and departures. The airports surroundings leave little room for error or mistake on the behalf of the pilots – with nearby mountains and sea at the end of the short runway. There are often strong Meltemi winds blowing from the north during the summer months which further contribute to the difficulty of the landing. There is only one terminal within the airport. There are five boarding gates, none of which have jet-bridges. Passenger facilities are split across two floors and include a duty-free shop and a small café.

During the late 1990s/early 2000s, the terminal was renovated – the capacity of the airport was increased to deal with increasing passenger numbers and the terminal was renovated.

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Elevation: 20 ft.
Transition altitude: 7000 ft.
MSA: 6700 ft.
Latitude: 37.689167
Longitude: 26.912222
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
09 91° 6706ft / 2044 m 19ft 37.689789 26.901356 - - 3.0°
27 271° 6706ft / 2044 m 11ft 37.688456 26.923667 - - 3.0°