Airport details for: LGKC (Greece)


No METAR available for LGKC.

General details

Name (city): Kithira
Country: Greece
vACC: Hellenic vACC

Kithira Island National Airport is an airport in Kithira, Greece (IATA: KIT, ICAO: LGKC). The airport was renovated in 1998 and the terminal and control tower were rebuilt. Olympic Air operates scheduled flights to Athens several times a week, while charter flights are common in the summer. Travel to Kythira by airplane is considered the most reliable method of transportation to the island since it is less affected by the strong winds that prevent ferry boat transit.

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Elevation: 1045 ft.
Transition altitude: 9000 ft.
MSA: 4700 ft.
Latitude: 36.274167
Longitude: 23.016667
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
02 23° 4793ft / 1461 m 1045ft 36.268111 23.0132 - - 3.0°
20 203° 4793ft / 1461 m 1043ft 36.279967 23.020278 - - 3.0°