Airport details for: LCPH (Cyprus)


LCPH 200300Z 04003KT 9999 SCT020 23/19 Q1007

General details

Name (city): Pafos Intl
Country: Cyprus
vACC: Hellenic vACC

Paphos International Airport (Greek: Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Πάφου; Turkish: Baf Uluslararası Havaalanı) (IATA:PFO, ICAO: LCPH) is a joint civil-military public airport located 6.5 km (4.0 mi) southeast[1] of the city of Paphos, Cyprus. It is the country's second largest airport, after Larnaca International Airport. Paphos Airport is commonly used by tourists on vacation in western Cyprus, providing access to popular resorts such as Coral Bay, Limassol (about 50 km (31 mi) south-east) and Paphos itself.

 Paphos Airport served 1,744,011 passengers in 2007.[3] A new terminal opened at Paphos in November 2008.


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Elevation: 43 ft.
Transition altitude: 8000 ft.
MSA: 8800 ft.
Latitude: 34.718333
Longitude: 32.485
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
11 107° 8855ft / 2699 m 40ft 34.722358 32.471017 - - 3.0°
29 287° 8855ft / 2699 m 32ft 34.713945 32.498661 108.9 287° 3.0°