Airport details for: LCLK (Cyprus)


LCLK 201830Z 36013KT 9999 FEW030 FEW044TCU SCT060 14/10 Q1013 NOSIG

General details

Name (city): Larnaca Intl
Country: Cyprus
vACC: Hellenic vACC

Larnaca International Airport (Greek: Διεθνής Aερολιμένας Λάρνακας: English Larnaka International Airport) (IATA: LCA, ICAO: LCLK) is an international airport located 4 km (2.5 mi) southwest[2] of Larnaca, Cyprus. Larnaca International Airport is Cyprus' main international gateway and the larger of the country's two commercial airports.

Larnaca Airport was hastily developed towards the end of 1974  which forced the closure of Nicosia International Airport. The site on which it was built (near the Larnaca Salt Lake), had been previously used as an airfield in the 1930s and, subsequently, as a military installation by the British forces. Larnaca International opened on 8 February 1975, with only limited infrastructure facilities and a prefabricated set of buildings comprising separate halls for departures and arrivals. The first airlines to use the new airport were Cyprus Airways using Viscount 800s leased from British Midland and Olympic Airwaysusing NAMC YS-11s. Initially, the runway at Larnaca International was too short for jet aircraft.

Nowadays, Larnaca Airport is used as a hub by passengers travelling between Europe and the Middle East, though between 1994-1996 a twice-weekly Gulf Air flight provided non-stop service to New York JFK airport.[4] The status of Cyprus as a major tourist destination means that air traffic has steadily risen to over 5 million passengers a year. 

A new junction has been constructed near the new terminal. The new terminal was built some 500–700 m (1,600–2,300 ft) west of the old terminal, adjacent to the new control tower, with new aprons and jetways. The old terminal building is slated to be partially demolished and refurbished as a cargo centre, and is currently used as a private terminal for visiting heads of state, VIPs, and private aircraft operators.

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Elevation: 11 ft.
Transition altitude: 8000 ft.
MSA: 9800 ft.
Latitude: 34.878889
Longitude: 33.630278
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
04 41° 9823ft / 2994 m 11ft 34.8642 33.612278 - - 3.0°
22 221° 9823ft / 2994 m 6ft 34.882059 33.6341 110.3 221° 2.75°