Airport details for: EPZG (Poland)


EPZG 201300Z 03004KT 320V100 CAVOK 21/M02 Q1029

General details

Name (city): Babimost
Country: Poland
vACC: vACC Poland

Zielona Góra-Babimost Airport (Polish: Port Lotniczy Zielona Góra-Babimost) (IATA: IEG, ICAO: EPZG) is a regional airport located 95 km (59 mi) west of Poznań (population 581,000), 90 km (56 mi) east from the German border, and 170 km (110 mi) from the center of Berlin. The airport is the 11th busiest in Poland, or last among currently functioning with scheduled traffic.

The passenger terminal capacity is 150.000 passengers per year. The airport infrastructure also includes a cargo terminal and 16 hangars which may be used for storage. A regular border control point allows international traffic.

There are 2 aircraft stands for category A, B and C aircraft, and one concrete runway (2500 x 60m). There is no ILS, the approach procedure is based on a non-directional beacon. With no approach radar available, arrivals are performed as published under procedural air traffic control.

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Elevation: 194 ft.
Transition altitude: 6500 ft.
MSA: 8200 ft.
Latitude: 52.138611
Longitude: 15.798611
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
06 61° 8202ft / 2500 m 194ft 52.133706 15.782047 - - 3.0°
24 241° 8202ft / 2500 m 188ft 52.143325 15.815056 - - 3.0°