Airport details for: EPSC (Poland)


EPSC 201830Z 02006KT 340V060 CAVOK 13/M03 Q1029

General details

Name (city): Goleniow
Country: Poland
vACC: vACC Poland


Szczecin-Goleniów "Solidarity" Airport (Polish: Port Lotniczy Szczecin-Goleniów im. NSZZ "Solidarność") (IATA: SZZ, ICAO: EPSC) is the main domestic and international airport serving the city of Szczecin . It is located 45 km (28 mi) northeast of the city, near the town of Goleniów. About 1.6 million residents live within its catchment area. Currently the 9th Polish Airport, handling around 300 000 passengers per year.

The airport was constructed between 1953-56 at the height of the Cold War. Originally built as a standard military airport with a 1,800 × 45 m (5,906 × 148 ft) runway and basic airport infrastructure (hangars, air traffic control tower, etc.). In 1967, the civilian airport at Dąbie was relocated to the site and named Port Lotniczy Szczecin-Goleniów. In 1976-77 the runway was extended to 2,500 m (8,202 ft) and a new passenger terminal was constructed. Works to improve the runway and the main apron were undertaken in 1998. The airport’s electricity supply together with the runway and approach lighting was upgraded in 1999. A new passenger terminal was opened in 2001 and further expansion works commenced on the terminal in 2005. Construction commenced on a new air traffic control tower in 2004, and was finished by the end of 2005. The terminal expansion was completed in April 2006, increasing the airport throughput capacity to 1 million passengers per year.

Regular connections from EPSC include Barcelona, Dublin, London, Liverpool and Warsaw; chartered flights carry holidaymakers to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.

There are 5 aircraft stands for aircraft cat. A, B and C. The runway (2500 x 60m) is equipped with ILS cat 1 for (RWY 31). Approaches to runwy 13 are performed only visually, on "Circle to land" basis. With no approach radar available, arrivals are performed as published under procedural air traffic control, there is no radar vactoring below FL100.

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Elevation: 154 ft.
Transition altitude: 6500 ft.
MSA: 8200 ft.
Latitude: 53.584722
Longitude: 14.902222
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
13 128° 8202ft / 2500 m 118ft 53.592083 14.887922 - - 3.0°
31 308° 8202ft / 2500 m 154ft 53.577378 14.916467 110.5 308° 3.0°