Airport details for: EPRZ (Poland)


EPRZ 250930Z 29010KT 9999 BKN028 19/11 Q1012

General details

Name (city): Jasionka
Country: Poland
vACC: vACC Poland

Rzeszów-Jasionka airport is located about 10km north of the city in Jasionka village. The airport has the second longest runway in Poland with length of 3200m and width 45m. The airport has one passenger and one cargo terminal. Currently there another passenger terminal has been constructied, which will increase throughput of passengers flow. In 2009 Rzeszów-Jasionka airport served 383 184 passengers which placed it on 7th position in Poland. 4 scheduled, 1 cargo and several charter airlines (mainly at summer time) operates from the airport.

Rzeszów-Jasionka airport has also second, grass covered runway, which is used mainly by General Aviation traffic. At present there is concrete runway under construction, which main user will be Aviation Training Centre of Rzeszów Technical University, located in south-east corner of the airport. Besides this Aeroclub of Rzeszów, and aviation schools like Air Res or Fly Polska also operates at EPRZ.

Rzeszów-Jasionka airport has radio navigation aids like VOR/DME RZE, NDB BIA and L, and also the runway 27 is ILS cat I equipped. RNAV GNSS approaches are also possible for both directions. The TMA Rzeszow is controller procedurally, there is no radar vectoring under FL100.

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Elevation: 692 ft.
Transition altitude: 6500 ft.
MSA: 10400 ft.
Latitude: 50.11
Longitude: 22.018889
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
09 86° 10499ft / 3200 m 689ft 50.110189 22.001544 - - 3.0°
27 266° 10499ft / 3200 m 679ft 50.109725 22.036517 110.3 266° 2.9°