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EPRA 201830Z 32002KT CAVOK 14/M02 Q1025 RMK 139 033 3/3=

General details

Name (city): Radom
Country: Poland
vACC: vACC Poland

The Radom Airport (Radom-Sadków) (Code IATA: RDO, Code ICAO: EPRA), from 2014 the civil airport found barely 4 kilometres from the town centre, near the national road number 12. Until 2015, regularly every two years there were air shows "Radom Air Show." Currently (March 2017) the airport operates line SprintAir on routes to Gdańsk, Praga, Lwow and Wrocław.

The airport has one startup runway with a length of 2000m, width of 45m with directions 07/25 and it can operate aircrafts in categories from A to D. On the airport there is also a DVOR/DME RAD (113,85MHz). The airport is equipped with two parking stands for aircrafts type C.

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Elevation: 623 ft.
Transition altitude: 0 ft.
MSA: 6500 ft.
Latitude: 51.388889
Longitude: 21.211667
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
07 71° 6562ft / 2000 m 622ft 51.386517 21.197733 - - 3.0°
25 251° 6562ft / 2000 m 602ft 51.39115 21.225492 - - 3.0°