Airport details for: EFOU (Finland)


EFOU 250820Z AUTO 11004KT 090V150 9999 -RA OVC008/// 08/06 Q1003

General details

Name (city): Oulu
Country: Finland
vACC: VATSIM Scandinavia

Facts about Oulu Airport

Oulu Airport belongs to the network of 25 airports operated by Finavia, the Finnish Airport Operator. Serving the bustling technology and university city of Oulu, it is the second busiest airport in Finland.

Basic information

•The airport’s runway is 2,501 metres long.


•1949: Construction work on a new airport in Oulunsalo begins as the previously used Oritkari airfield proves to be too small for modern aircrafts.
•1953: The airport is completed. Aero begins operating to Helsinki with DC-3 aircrafts.
•1958: The first airport and flight traffic control building is completed. The main runway is paved with asphalt.1964: Jet traffic to Oulu begins.
•1973: The new terminal building is opened. It was designed by K. Ström & O. Tuomisto architects, who also designed the airport building at Helsinki-Vantaa, which opened in 1969.
•1984: The annual number of passenger reaches 300,000.
•1994: The passenger terminal is expanded to accommodate a million passengers annually.
•1998: The new air traffic control tower is completed.
•2002: The airport building’s latest expansion is opened to public in September.
•2011: The new extension of Oulu Airport is introduced in September.

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Elevation: 47 ft.
Transition altitude: 5000 ft.
MSA: 8200 ft.
Latitude: 64.929167
Longitude: 25.355556
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Number Course Length Elevation Lat Lon ILS ILS freq ILS FAC GP
12 112° 8205ft / 2501 m 47ft 64.935836 25.331895 109.5 112° 3.0°
30 292° 8205ft / 2501 m 33ft 64.924281 25.377225 - - 3.0°